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Shutters Camera Club

Fearnhead - Warrington

Come along and enjoy a coffee and a chat.

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Shutters Camera Club. A place to meet, talk about cameras and digital photographs. Learn tips and secrets. Go out on field trips and take pictures. We are a Digital Photography group who do indoor and outdoor shots depending on the weather and time.

Recently we had snakes, spiders, tortoises and a whole host of animals to photograph back at our meeting room at the Fearnhead Community Centre. A lot of fun, plenty of pictures and a chance to handle the snakes and animals.

The following week we had a talk on Macro settings and all the presets on most cameras in use. So that we can get the best pictures from all the settings.

This week we made our very own Macro Box with lights illuminating both sides of the box. Then taking shots from the front using the Macro settings. So good the group decided to go ahead and purchase one.

Next week is our Portrait session and we`ll be using some homebrew lights for now until we build up our own equipment. Our Macro Box and lights are now on order following our successful session last week.

Phone: 01925 827 195


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